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10 December 2019
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Brexit: The Bank of England’s Horror Story

There has been a serious fault line running the Conservative party ever since it signed up to join the Common Market in 1971. A...

The Last Post

I told myself that my previous piece at the end of September was the last on this subject for 2018. After all, we had had...

Personalities and Perceptions

R E S P E C T – find out what it means to me. So sang the late, great Aretha Franklin: her best known hit,...

A Dialogue of the Deaf?

Before her trip to Salzburg last week Theresa May had already embraced the description  “a bloody difficult woman”. She came back a bloody angry one...

A Second Brexit Referendum? Be Careful What You Wish For

George Orwell coined the term Newspeak to describe the perversion of language for political ends. As our capacity for thought is governed by the language...